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Hmm... Could it be?

2009-02-24 13:46:13 by Calderface

Must be a while now since i last came on here. If i find the time i might add some new stuff :)

Phyn Series Under new management

2007-09-19 15:08:29 by Calderface

Dear fans of the "Phyn" Series,
The newground user "Phynstudios" has decided to hand the controll of his "Phyn" SMA series to me (Calderface) so he can concentrate on his other SMA series "NERDS".
I hope to live up to the expectations of already existing fans and maybe pick up a few new ones as i continue the series on my own.

Credit to Phynstudios of course for the origional idea and character design!

Phyn Series Under new management